Resignation of government and elections urgently...

Resignation of government and elections urgently...

The Greek society is like an active volcano with everything happening in the last hours and the degradation of political life...

What is happening now in the country is not only embarrassing but also morbid.

It is embarrassing for a country that gave birth to the Republic and its institutions. Embarrassing for people who commit suicide, for those who are hungry or dying in queues in public hospitals. For those who are homeless, for mothers who are forced to leave their children on the steps of orphanage.

Greece is on the brink and the rulers, shamelessly, without even keep up appearances, playing petty political games with the sole purpose to keep their chairs.
No government in any well-governed country would be still active, if had suffered the events that took part in Greece the last hours. And not just talking about yesterday's incident, where the Secretary-General himself admits -in the intercepted conversation- the intervention of the executive to the judiciary. Yesterday's tragedy is just the culmination of civil disorder experienced by the country.

mpaltakos samaras

Who forgets the suspicious discharge, the criminals who have been "flown", the large sum of public money which transformed into houses without a single word, the Exchange scandal, the billions of SIEMENS that ended up in Swiss banks? The constant crime in the public health sector?

How much longer will profane the institutions? How much longer will degenerate the Republic? How much longer will the country be vilified?
The resignation of Baltakos is -obviously- not enough to "wash" the filth of public life, and the secretary of the cabinet cannot himself take the blame for the "sins" of the memorandum government in order to purge the rotten political system that rules the country.

Now is the time to get the knife deep into the bone in all directions.

The people demand to take matter into their own hands and this is already recorded by the first reactions.

Recourse to the polls now seems to be the only way out of the unprecedented impasse in which the government has led the country.