Jehovah's Witnesses - eliciting event at Vellidio

Jehovah's Witnesses - eliciting event at Vellidio

Strong reactions caused a few weeks ago, in the Metropolis of Thessaloniki, for an event by the Greek Old Calendarists club which was scheduled at the Convention Center Vellidio.

Then, the Metropolis with a circular, managed not to allow the event to take place in the famous convention center of HELEXPO, but in another area of Thessaloniki. Today, the Metropolis is called again to react in an event of Jehovah's Witnesses which is scheduled in Vellidio on Holy Monday. Will does?

In contact of with the Metropolis of Thessaloniki, informed us that both the Metropolis and the Monastery of Mount Athos Esfigmenou were then expressed their strong protest to the event of the Old Calendarists clubs "St. John the Theologian Paianias-Alexandroupolis and Kavala", through circulars and press releases.

Today, in anticipation of a new written protest of the Metropolis of Thessaloniki, which must be done before the Holy Monday, we publish the text of the reaction for the event of the Old Calendarists on 30th of March. Then, they had expressed their dissatisfaction openly. They did it a big issue, especially with the support of Mount Athos.

Now the protest against events of sects, such as Jehovah's Witnesses, is necessary...


The announcement of the Metropolis of Thessaloniki

"Holy days of Easter, and the Old Calendarists provoke with event that they have organized to take place at Vellidio Convention Center. As we learned from the internet, on Sunday March 30, 2014 at the Congress Center in Thessaloniki "j. Vellidis", is organized on the initiative of religious association of Kavala a particular ecclesiastical event "VOANERGES, THE SON OF THUNDER", we are obliged to inform our spiritual flock that all this effort is clearly against the Church and irregular because it has not received any relevant licenses from our local church and is an infringement of normal rights of the Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki.
Moreover, this event constitutes a continuation of discord of Mount Athos relatively the discontinued Holy Monastery of the ESFIGMENOU, after the announcement that keynote speaker will be an ecclesiastical person situated in stark contrast to the Holy Community of Mount Athos and to the Ecumenical Patriarchate.
We recommend to the public to avoid any participation in this event, which derived from a club in Kavala unknown to us, with the intention to impair the ecclesiastical canonical order in the historic Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki.

From the Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki"

The "hints" of the Old Calendarists

The Old Calendarists did their event in Thessaloniki in another area and of course they did not fail to say indirectly "hints".

Characteristically, the Old Calendarists in a written statement for the event on "The relationship between bioethics and contemporary Orthodox values" mentioned:
"Such events weaken those who impose prohibitions and persecution to silence the truth. The truth is not gagged, is like water, will find a way and will come to the surface.

Whatever halls to cancel with the money of the European funds, we have the power of faith, the congregation and mainly His providence".

The reaction of the Holy Monastery Esphigmenou of Mount Athos

Immediate was the reaction of the Holy Monastery Esphigmenou of Mount Athos. Abbot Methodius spoke of "dark forces who want to subjugate Greece!"
The Greeks must resist, fighting to defend our homeland and our faith. We must help each other during this difficult time," he said in a recent interview to a newspaper, and continued:

"We do not need money from Europe; these will be the destruction of Mount Athos. We ask only these belonging to the monastery, rents from properties that illegally given to the new fraternity, and the grant that gave the state for the exchanges made of the dependencies after 1922".
The Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki has a week to react... We are confident that the church will protect the country again from the advertising of the event of non-ecclesiastical organizations that try to harm Orthodoxy ... At a time when Christianity is being prosecuted vigorously and Muslims are trying to silence him...