Interest for the port of Thessaloniki...

Interest for the port of Thessaloniki...

Russian Railways withdrawn from claiming the port of Piraeus

The management of state-owned Russian Railways revises its plans to participate in the privatization of the Port of Piraeus, said today the president Vladimir Giakounin from Astana of Kazakhstan.

"In terms of our strategy together with our fellow Greeks colleagues Thessaloniki Port is more interesting. We decided not to spread around" said V.Giakounin, a personal friend of President Putin and recent victim of Western sanctions, in response to a question.

According to the head of Russian Railways is currently too early to talk about timelines within which they become known the winner of the competition for this privatization.

"The Greeks are now deciding and will probably move these deadlines, but I think that within a month will decide nevertheless that and in the meantime we are working with the Greeks and with potential partners," he said.

As writes the ITAR - TASS, in the past the Russian Railways had expressed their interest to acquire the Greek railway companies TRAINOSE and ROSCO, and the Port of Thessaloniki, under the privatization program which was announced in 2013 by the Greek side.

According to the same telegram, the Greek State is currently owns 74% share in the Ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki.

The tender for the sale of the Port of Thessaloniki opened on April 15 and applications of the interested investors should be submitted by June 5.