We lose Thrace. Stop!

We lose Thrace. Stop!

The Turkish deep state put his foot last night in Thrace through the DEB (as is the Turkish name) of the party of the Muslim minority by Ahmet Sadik, "Equality - Peace - Friendship".

By Kostas Chardavellas

The creators, makers and the staff of DEB call themselves as "Turks in Thrace" (while they are Greek Muslims), are financed by the Turkish consulate in Komotini and the Turkish banks of Thrace and execute the commands of Ankara, which has as primary objective the penetration of Turkey in Thrace and in some islands of the Aegean (Rhodes, Kos) that have large Muslim population. In a second phase, using the "Turks of Thrace", Ankara intends to send to the Greek parliament and in the European Parliament, its own "tools" through Greece.

The worst thing is that in yesterday's TV shows, where politicians and journalists chatted for the rates of ND and SYRIZA, for how many chairs attributable to each party in parliament after yesterday's rates, for how blue or pink was Greece in the regions, for the thriller Dourou - Sgouros and they did not spend even two minutes for chatting about this dangerous phenomenon of the national sovereignty of the Turkish-speaking in Thrace.

The Turkish DEB came first with 50% rate compared to all other parties in Rodopi and Xanthi and won the municipalities of Komotini, Iasmos, Arrianon, Mykis, Topeirou and Abdera.

The rates of DEB are ranging in many mountainous areas of Rodopi and Xanthi to 80-90%. In the 44th polling station of the mountain village of Lower Drosinis, from total 64 voters, the DEP received 64 votes. The Turkish speaking who call themselves "citizens of the Turkish Western Thrace" made a rehearsal for measurement of their strength and their next goal is to participate in national elections, to introduce in the Greek parliament the first representatives that will actually bring the voice and demands of Ankara in the Greek parliament.

However, today morning in Athens, the celebrations continue for the success of Dourou in Attica and the success of Moralis in Piraeus.