Scandalous amendment in favor of a close associate of Samaras

Scandalous amendment in favor of a close associate of Samaras

The government of Samaras applied once again its favorite tactic of introducing favorable amendments -for "crony"- in unrelated bills.

This time, the businessman who has been favored, through a more challenging arrangement, is Nikos Tavoularis, the shareholder of Syros shipyards (NEORION) and former close associate of the Prime Minister, since he was the director of the Political Spring.

The amendment passed inline in the bill for "combating the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and child pornography" and signed by the Ministers of Finance G. Stournara, of Labour G. Vroutsi and of Justice C. Athanasiou. Under this amendment, Syros Shipyards exempt from payment insurance contributions that have matured. At the same time, suspends any prosecution process by IKA, for insurance liabilities.

In that way, Neorion, which for a very long time has financial difficulties and hasn't paid salaries of about 400 employees, will be able to comfortably use the social security's permission to implement the agreed with the Navy repair work of two floating docks. But nobody knows if the state money (about 10 million) which will flow to the enterprise funds will be directed to unpaid workers and to pension funds, notes in a publication the "Journal of the Editors".

More specifically, in derogation of the provisions of the legislation, is provided that the Syros Shipyards can have proof of insurance coverage until 30 June 2017, provided that will pay each month 0.70 % of insurance contributions owed until the April 30, 2014, while from now on it will pay normal contributions of about its 400 regular and temporary workers.

As evidenced by the amendment and the accompanying report, Syros Shipyards have a total of 10 million Euros (arrears), - mentions publication of and as it will pay 70,000 Euros a month, (until June 30, 2017) will have paid a total of 2.5 million, while the remaining 7.5 million will capitalized.

Under the proposed amendment, IKA and other insurance organizations will have losses of 12.5 million, of which 7.5 million resulting from the favorable arrangements for the collection of arrears for Syros Shipyards and another 5 million euro from the suspension coercive measures on undertakings operating in the shipbuilding sector.

By the same amendment, are suspended until June 30, 2017 all acts or administrative enforcement for these debts, any criminal prosecution against those responsible (imprisonment or fine) and is also extended until 30 June 2015 (ended 31.12.2013) the period of suspension taking coercive measures against companies operating in the fields of construction, conversion, repair and maintenance of ships for debts owed to the Social Security and other insurance organizations supervised by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

The government gave, -with this scandalous manner-, the "kiss of life" to the close associate of Antonis Samaras in Political Spring, Mr. Tavoularis, while others, thousands of entrepreneurs are drowning in debt from pension funds.

Some talk about political games, noting that Mr. Vroutsis is elected in the Cyclades, in the first amendment passed, after the defeat of New Democracy in the European elections.

The government's excuse is as provocative as is the provision itself. The Government of Samaras, which has implemented in most of the requirements of the troika and intensified the harsh austerity on the Greek people, cannot rely on the economic crisis only when it comes to serve the friendly business interests; because this is called "scandal" and does not support the shipbuilding industry...