Baltakos: "New Democracy must stretch its hand to its right"

Baltakos: "New Democracy must stretch its hand to its right"

What does he think about the union of center-right, the Golden Dawn, SYRIZA and political developments?

"New Democracy should make on electoral opening on its right, which has a rate of 16.5%" Takis Baltakos said in an interview to "Vima". As he says: "The goal is one and the roads many. We have on our right a 16.5% of the electorate waiting for us. Where will this rate stop? It's fragmented and politically undeveloped. We will leave these scattered pieces?" noting that in the context of a broader invitation card of the center is opening the door to Karatzaferis.

Asked if the New Democracy must go to elections he replied: "Why? To lose? Why should left come to power?" The Former Secretary of Government expressed himself with highly ironic tone commenting on the left, but also for PASOK, while invoking heroes of Penelope Delta to emphasize that he isn't retired from politics.

"Historic victory for SYRIZA"
He added that SYRIZA's victory in the elections was an historic moment noting that for the first time the left and center-left can form a powerful government with 174 seats. "They won't succeed, however, as EAM failed in 1945. We will have a new Varkiza agreement. Again they will hand over their weapons" he continued and even predicted an acute crisis and poisonous discord on the left and the center-left emphasizing that if it could actually succeed it will be a sad development.

He also said that he wasn't surprised from the percentage of the Golden Dawn insisting that it was due to incorrect logic of opponents who attempted to demonize it. Baltakos continued supporting that New Democracy can recover "if freed from Merkel and Reichenmpach". Regarding scenarios about Stournaras leaving the government, he argued that the minister has worked hard for the Greeks, but didn't hear their agony. Asked if he has spoken with Samaras he replied that the matter is personal.