Inconsistencies in IKA pensions

Inconsistencies in IKA pensions

A substantiated complaint sheds light in the nightmarish situations that experience the IKA pensioners.

Apart from the dramatic cuts in pensions, by the governments of the Memorandum, pensioners have to face the "cuts" of the payment system.

A pensioner of IKA went to ATM to withdraw his pension's money. Surprisingly he found that the amount was considerably reduced in comparison with the amount which he received so far. In desperation started looking how and why. He requested an account balance in the same ATM and he saw in surprise that was credited half the amount of the pension he usually received.

He immediately tried to contact the relevant departments of IKA in order to ascertain the cause of the 50% cut. Unofficially, the answer was that the entire amount of the pension had been normally credited by the payment system of IKA. If this is true then what happened? It seems impossible to be a system error. It is more likely that someone intervened in the process and grabbed the money of the pensioner.

Who is this person?
Does he have accomplices?
How many similar cases have been found?
Does IKA check the banks in order to ensure if is done correctly the work that it entrusted to them?
How do they test the security of payments?
The administration of IKA should act immediately and to give convincing answers to why an elderly pensioner, who lives with a pension of few Euros, must experience an Odyssey in order to find out who snatched his money and to take them back.
The search on the extent of the phenomenon continues.