They do not work... due to impending government's reformation

They do not work... due to impending government's reformation

In full inaction is the governmental scheme, waiting for the government's reformation.

Officers in Ministries and public organizations have do not work anymore, watching their political bosses to be in "aphasia" because they only care for a message from an associate of the Prime Minister, who will give them a modicum of hope that ... Samaras will not forget about them in the government's reformation.

Already the Prime Minister is reported to have received a message from Berlin that if the Greek government continues for much longer the delay of the promotion of all agreements with the Troika, then must be prepared for new indirect blackmail of the "way of Schaeuble".

But this is one side of the story, namely the threat to the general stability that brings in the state and the administrative apparatus, the delay of government decision for the Reformation.

The other side is tragicomic and has to do with the phone calls of the top government ministers to the political editors to ask them if they have heard or learned something about their fate in the reformation.

And there are also those who do not participate in existing government scheme, and who call the political editors for something else: to ask them to mention their name as candidate for Minister with the hope that Samaras will read or hear their name and he will remember them in the Reformation.

The conclusion of all this is that, as the rumors about the reformation are extended, the country is in a prolonged stagnation confirming what people mostly believe. Namely that the reformation is a political move that does not concern the society, except of those involved in a deal for the party and ministerial bench.
Also, no one - even the government partners -, cannot answer the most pressing question:

The forthcoming government scheme will be long -term or just for the summer?