Exclusive: Tsoukatos returns to PASOK!

Exclusive: Tsoukatos returns to PASOK!

EXCLUSIVE NEWSBOMB- a success for Evangelos Venizelos, as Tsoukatos returns to PASOK as a secret adviser of the President and informally coordinates the "headquarters" in view of critical developments in PASOK party matters.

Who said that the "general" of modernization and Simitis, Tsoukatos is demobilized? For obvious reasons, since his judicial adventures with the flow of black money from Siemens to PASOK continue, he will appear remaining on the sidelines, but in reality he's back! Informally, but in fact he has began to "run" from the background the coordination of Venizelos headquarters in view of the developments that will lead to the conference in October!

According to our proprietary information, he is behind everything and motivates executives nationwide, especially since from the time of his omnipotence he controls many members or even communicates with them. The same information of ours insists that he often meets with Venizelos and presents proposals of communications and organizational nature, while the PASOK leader listens carefully! And he is entrusted to "pick up" mechanism, since the intense intraparty questions have created a series of problems that Venizelos wants to surpass in order to control the conference.

Also, Tsoukatos maintains very good relations with officials from the "58", since many of them (Bistis, Drettas etc.) were highlighted in the era of modernization when Tsoukatos was omnipotent. Indeed, our information mentions that he participated actively from the background and in the election campaign of Venizelos and Olive Tree giving advice, making suggestions and organizing members and friends nationwide!