"Soft" divorce with Theocharis?

"Soft" divorce with Theocharis?

According to information, the Finance Minister called for the resignation of Secretary of Revenue - Is it an agreed resignation or a dismissal?

Incredible turmoil at the Finance Ministry. The rumors say that John Stournaras - apparently at the behest of Samaras - called for the resignation of Secretary General of revenue, Haris Theocharis .

Besides, for a long time we had promptly pointed out that the Maximou Mansion had highly expressed unease about the movements and fiscal initiatives of Haris Theocharis. Recall that the Prime Minister himself in election speeches had expressed innuendos for the injustices of the Secretariat tax revenue, while it was clear that "these injustices are going to end."

According to what is written in the press today, the Finance Minister has blamed on General Secretary Public Revenue for circulars issued before the elections. It is about the clarifying circular, pursuant to which the foreign owners of Greek government bonds will have to pay taxes. But after the uproar created by the issuance of the circular, the decision was suspended.

Indeed some media publish the conversations between the two men:

"Harry, I need you to facilitate me and I want your resignation".
"John, I will answer you tomorrow morning at 11."

In fact, according to information, Brussels and Troika have already been informed on the withdrawal of the General Secretary, while the change in leadership of the Secretariat will be accompanied by other developments in the state apparatus. Any withdrawal of Mr. Theocharis will take the form of resignation , as the term of the General Secretary is five years.

So far so good. But the phenomenon "Haris Theocharis" is more complex than it might appear.

It is obvious that the Maximou Mansion will seek for communicative purposes to illustrate the resignation of Theocharis as expulsion ordered by Samaras, something that is very difficult to do because Mr. Theocharis has a five years term, which was requested by the troika. Therefore any dismissal or resignation should be done with the blessings of lenders. All the rest is just a show.

The fear that exists in the economic team is that if the dismissal was taking place without the approval of the troika then the next move would be to convert the General Secretariat into an Independent Revenue Authority, something which would have implications on a political level.

Furthermore, secure information of NEWSBOMB said that for a long time Mr. Theocharis has already spread his wings ... professionally for other locations abroad ... Patience, all will come to light soon.