Reshuffle: Waiting for the Samaras’ phone-call

Reshuffle: Waiting for the Samaras’ phone-call

Who will need new suits, who are adamant and who will be cut?

The reshuffle of the government enters its last lap, with announcements expected on Monday afternoon. Antonis Samaras and Evangelos Venizelos are in constant communication and they might meet within the weekend. Samaras constantly writes and erases names, but always leaving the Finance Ministry empty. According to the latest information Stournaras is leaving the Nikis street, but his replacement hasn't been found yet, as there is a chance for him to move to the Bank of Greece and breaking of the Finance Ministry in order to stay in his position with fewer responsibilities. Meanwhile lenders are pressuring to avoid changes that would signify abandonment of the adjustment program, as they are already bothered from the resignation of Theoharis. For the Ministry of Finance, Samaras seems to have contacted Dora Bakoyannis, however this isn't confirmed. The general scenario for Bakoyannis taking an important ministry is indeed real.

About other ministries, it's certain that there are many ministers and deputy ministers who are cut, not so much from their failure, but because of their disappearance from the face of the earth during the campaign, as they avoided supporting prospective prefects or mayors of the party in many areas. Given this, some fresh faces will be among the choices of the Prime Minister for the new government scheme, as he wants to convey the essence of renewal at all levels. Reportedly many from both parties of the coalition will need new suits. The first names for appointment from New Democracy are Anna-Misel Asimakopoulou, Giorgos Koumoutsakos and Kostas Katsafados, while Voridis will probably take his minister suit from his wardrobe. Also the names of Giannis Karabela, Anna Karamanli and Andreas Psychari are heard. On the side of PASOK, Konstantinopoulos, Dolios and Kostas Triantafyllou are mentioned.

Foreign Minister Venizelos, State Stamatis, Defence Avramopoulos, Tourism Kefalogiannis and Infrastructure-Transport Chrysohoidis are expected to retain their positions, while the Ministers of Health Georgiades, of Public Oreder Dendias, of Justice Athanasiou, of Interior Michelakis and of Development Hatzidakis might move. There are similar thoughts for the Education Minister Arvanitopoulos, but it's rather difficult to change the Minister amid examinations in schools and universities. Kyriakos Mitsotakis has a positive sign in the Ministry of Administrative Reform, but might be upgraded. In terms of PASOK Sahinidis and Koutroumanis might get a better role, although both have said that at this time they don't want to become a Minister. On the contrary, Loverdos must be considered for sure as a Minister. Most of the current Ministers haven't left for the weekend and are anxiously waiting Samaras' phone-call.