Voridis and Health determinant factors for the government

Voridis and Health determinant factors for the government

Adonis Georgiadis reportedly was the first minister who received a phone call from Antonis Samaras, to inform him that his services to the cabinet end here.

A possibly meaningful move, as Mr. Georgiadis had been charged for the implacable handling on all fronts that were created the previous period in Health, which caused a deep rift between New Democracy and a traditionally friendly professional guild, for the ruling party.

Makis Voridis as the new Minister of Health is now set to mark a new approach to physicians and pharmacists, who had declared that the elections would "vote against" the blue participants, that seems that they did.

Besides that, the course of Mr. Voridis in the troubled and turbulent Ministry of Health, will determine to a large extent the longevity or not of the government.

His position will become obvious in the first statements by Mr. Voridis during the handover ceremony at the Health Ministry noon Tuesday. The question is whether Makis Voridis will continue in the same intransigent line of troika and the work of his predecessor or will choose policy change in order to avoid head-on collisions and halt the course to the outright dismantling of public health of the Greek people. We shall see...