Lonely Planet: Summer as...Greece

Lonely Planet: Summer as...Greece

The most popular travel guide in the World published on its website the "top 10 destinations" list for this summer and presents Greece as the top "number 1" that one should not miss...

"You think that your dream trip to Greece is out of your budget range? Think again" is the introduction to Lonely Planet's article about Greece.

"Greece tops our list this year because the country's sunburst islands and ancient culture are far more affordable than many may expect. Greece's ongoing financial crisis has caused visitor numbers to decrease and, as a result, prices have dropped in an effort to attract back travelers," says Lonely Planet making specific reference to Santorini and Wine Tourism.

"Santorini, in specific, was even added to the list of European backpackers' destination for 2014. In addition to that, many Aegean islands are cited as 2014 top travel destinations for fins of wine tourism, according magazine Wine Enthusiast", is further noted.

More countries in "top 10 destinations" list are the following:
2. Ljubljana, Slovenia
3. South-west England
4. Italy
5. Vikings, Denmark
6. Seville, Spain
7. Outer Hebrides, Scotland
8. Plzen, Czech Republic
9. Stavanger, Norway
10. Toulouse, France