Debt brings early elections ...

Debt brings early elections ...

The debt, early elections, the new party type New Greece / ND, resembling with the party ELIA / PASOK, and the plans of Antonis Samaras for ND.

The fact that the debt is unsustainable is certain. The fact that lenders are not going to proceed to brave haircut, as originally promised to the government of Samaras, is equally certain. Therefore all elements show that only a tough deal has hopes to bring results in the direction of impairment.

However, as many analysts argue, no negotiation has a chance if has not strong popular mandate. Somewhere here things start to get complicated, given that the current government formation has "elections' shape."

It is about a balance construct of Antonis Samaras and of the so-called populist right, in order to gain time.

Samaras tried to close all the holes of discontent within the blue faction in order to achieve the maximum positive collaboration in view of the forthcoming parliamentary elections. As everything shows, it is possible that he Samaras will go to National Elections.

As much as this sounds strange, it is one of the most powerful scripts processed by Maximou. The balance model and the rehabilitation of the disaffected blue members is expected to continue in the near future as the project of Maximou is to "regularize" in the same way, the representatives of popular right in key positions of the state apparatus.

In a few days it is almost certain that will put new people in the general secretaries of ministries in percentage of 80%.

So they will be all - or almost all - happy, in order to proceed to the second phase of the project that bears the name New Greece / ND.

The project of New Greece was put temporarily - because of the elections - in the drawer. But now it has been "dusted off' and came back to the surface, a little different from the original forecast.

The last period, the "New Greece" did not work for a variety of reasons, mainly for the reactions of Karamanlis "block".

But now acolytes of prime minister suggest directly: "Do it as Venizelos". "Put the name "new Greece" near to ND and move on now that you're popular and suitable."
If the venture of New Greece starts after the Elections has no hope, reportedly suggest to the Prime Minister the people of his close environment. "It is now or never."

The goal is Samaras to have ready a party of his absolute influence on the day after the elections. Besides, as they say those who know Samaras, he never forgot of his vision in the 1990s, with the Political Spring.

The "ready" party will give Samaras flexibility of options in the event that raises a question of leadership, after election crash. Who will get together and will leave behind, is more than clear. And on this logic he makes placements and rehabilitation of the MPs and staff, who for years were far from the executive.

Looking ahead, the prime minister gives governmental posts, in the hope of a positive collaboration, in the aftermath of the parliamentary elections.

A possibility of particular importance, which is being written by the foreign media, is the fact that eventually himself Samaras will bring the early elections. While it may sound excessive, in the Maximou are seriously processing this scenario.

Unfortunately, though our lenders had initially promised that if we achieve a primary surplus will proceed into a brave haircut of the debt, now moods have been reversed and all say that there will be no haircut, but postponing of debt over a longer period of repayment.

The information indicates that in such a case, the prime minister is willing to take the plunge: Require fresh and strong popular mandate to be able to move into a tougher deal.

Many seem to agree with this logic, since a government like the current that moves about in the thread of relative majority cannot bind the country and future generations for another 50 or 60 years.

Also no one prime minister can negotiate, without having the support of an absolute majority of the electorate.

The debt, therefore, in one way or another will lead to early elections so that the people can decide on the next day...