SYRIZA: "Vile political transaction" between ship-owners – government

SYRIZA: "Vile political transaction" between ship-owners – government

SYRIZA accuses the government for undemocratic aberration, denouncing the attempt to impose individual contracts of employment to Greek sailors of ocean going shipping, satisfying the claims of ship-owners.

As it became known on Thursday, by the Panhellenic Seamen's Federation (PNO), the Minister of Marine and Aegean Miltiadis Varvitsiotis has already sent a letter to the Union of Greek Ship-owners, which states that after the expiry of the contractual term of the Collective Labor Agreement of the crews of cargo ships of 4,500 dtw and over the year 2010, it is now possible the conditions of hiring of Greek seamen, to be freely agreed with individual contract. That means that the ardent desire of ship-owners to hiring Greek sailors with wages of Bangladesh (with the contribution of the government) is very close to realization.

The department of Shipping of SYRIZA refers to "vile political transaction between the Union of Greek Ship-owners and the government" and for imposing working conditions for seafarers, of Middle Ages.

Already seafaring unions have warned ship-owners and government that "opened the Pandora's box and wait for the upcoming storms."

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"As complains P.N.O. Unions and sailors, the bipartisan government PA.SO.K.- N.D. and the subordinate to the ship-owners and business interests, Aegean-Marine Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis promote once again the abolition of collective labor agreements in the Shipping and the legitimacy of individual contracts.

After the spring of 2013, when the House voted against the provision that existed in the law 4150/2013, now the Minister of Marine and Aegean, attempts to restore the matter, on the pretext that the Collective Labor Agreement to seagoing ships, expired 31 / 10/2010.

This is for a vile political transaction between the Union of Greek Ship-owners and government in order to legitimize de facto the individual contracts in ocean shipping, replacing the Collective Labor Agreements, as applicable and applied in the last 70 years, in the field of maritime labor.

Resetting the topic, is undemocratic aberration in terms of government, which seeks to satisfy the claim of ship-owners in ocean shipping, restoring working conditions, corresponding to the medieval period.

We express our full support for seafarers and seafarers' unions and support every effort and initiative - in and out of the House - not to pass the anti-worker government choices.

We also want to emphasize that SYRIZA, from a position of governmental responsibility, will restore the institution of collective bargaining agreements and foster an institutional framework, based on the needs of society, workers and towards a production model of reconstruction, which will serve the development and the public interest."