Voultepsi: “Mitsotakis and Loverdos will solve their issues”

Voultepsi: “Mitsotakis and Loverdos will solve their issues”

The assessment that Mitsotakis and Loverdos will resolve the issue arisen regarding the availability of staff in universities was expressed by the government spokesman, who spoke to the state television.

Voultepsi said that the Minister of Education is experienced and that she believes the extension was rightfully given, so he could become aware of the full details of the case. "A solution will be found. Loverdos can't understand. He's aware of the supreme good. There is a major, he knows this. He has commanded. What is the supreme good of the country? This: the country surviving, there is" she said.

For incidents between riot police and redundant cleaners of the Finance Ministry, which have made the round of the world, she said that these images don't please anyone and that the police officer was put in availability on the spot. According to government spokesman, this was an isolated incident, as in the last years more than 160,000 police officers moved into place without such incidents.

Finally, on the reshuffle, she said that the target doesn't change. Specifically she mentioned that the effort to get the country out of the memorandum continues, in order to continue developing.