Skeleton Staff for Hospitals today

Skeleton Staff for Hospitals today

Public hospitals throughout Greece operate with a skeleton staff today, Wednesday, due to a 24-hour strike called by the Hospital Doctors Union Federation (OENGE) and the Panhellenic Federation of Public Hospital Staff (POEDIN).

The main purpose of this strike is employees' objection to the new staff evaluation system which they believe will lead to layoffs, as announced on Tuesday.

A demonstration will be held outside the health ministry at noon on Wednesday.

ONEGE on its behalf demands the urgent coverage of all material shortages, as well as of lack of personnel.

POEDIN refers to total refusal to participate in this new evaluation system, as, according to its announcement, it is a system of "grade categorization" and sets at least 15% of the employees in status of constant mobility. POEDIN estimates that "this system creates a new "reservoir" of disposals-layoffs in public sector and at the same time redistributes same wage costs by introducing individual wages"

As stated in Athens News Agency, Health Minister Makis Voridis said that "he is willing to meet with the representatives of the strikers and discuss the parameters of the evaluation system, while clarifying that the evaluation is defined by relevant legislation and that he is in favor of such as procedure".

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