World Cup 2014: Clashes in Brazil

World Cup 2014: Clashes in Brazil

Police forces of Fortaleza, Brazil used tear gas and water cannons in order to disband a group of people that protests against the World Cup 2014 that is held in their country. Protesters tried to block the street that leads to the stadium where Brazil met Mexico.

At least 10 people were arrested during the clashes between protesters and police. As recorded on Media cameras, some of them, before police's interference, covered their faces and threw stones and other objects on buses that illustrated FIFA sign.

A large number of people in Brazil express its disappointment, blaming the government and President Dilma Rousseff for extravagances during the organization of World Cup 2014.

Such demonstrations are organized in many different cities of Brazil, some of which developed to violent clashes. However, in most of them the number of people involved was limited, while, day by day, reactions and protests against World Cup seem to ease.