World Cup 2014: The World Cup of ... selfies

World Cup 2014: The World Cup of ... selfies

The World Cup is the leading football event and participation is a dream for every player.

So therefore the fans and the players do not lose the opportunity to catch the moments living in the Brazilian Cup, with the famous fashion of selfies.

The stars of the ball, and their companions who accompany them in the stadiums of Brazil, rushing to upload to social media, to their profiles in Facebook, to Twitter and to

Instagram, photos of them in the great football event , thus giving us a hint of what is happening behind the cameras covering the games.
Star of the football stadiums in Brazil, but also in selfies, is Neymar, who is photographed sometimes alone, sometimes with his partner, model and presenter Bruna

Marquezine, and sometimes with his teammates.

In the fashion of selfies and of personal photos succumbed among many other players from the national team of England, as Daniel Sturridge and Steven Gerrard, the Italian Mario Balotelli, the national team of Belgium, and German national team which was photographed in the locker room together even with Angela Merkel.

And the Greek national team players, at the beginning of the month, just before the friendly match with Nigeria in the U.S., took a selfie that they shared with their fans in the Net.
From the most recent photos in social media, stood out the selfie of Lukas Podolski with Merkel and the selfie of the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who attended the first national game of his country.