International arrest warrant issued by Russia against Ukraine on war crimes

International arrest warrant issued by Russia against Ukraine on war crimes

It refers to the Interior Minister Avakov and oligarch Governor Kolomoyskyi.

The Investigation Committee of the Russian Prosecutor's Office issued an international arrest warrant for the two protagonists of the so-called “anti-terrorist operation” in eastern Ukraine accusing them of using prohibited means and methods of warfare for heinous murders and kidnapping people. This was announced by the official spokesman of the Committee Vladimir Markin for the Armenian origin tycoon and Interior Minister Arsen Avakof and the Jewish billionaire oligarch and concurrently governor of the neighboring region of insurgent Dnepropetrovsk Ihor Kolomoyskyi, who keep the spearhead of Ukrainian nationalism. The decision was sent for processing at the Russian Interior Ministry, which in turn send the warrant in all partner countries through the Interpol network.

The defendants are implicated because from April 12th, “organized and led military militias, which are under their orders or funded directly by themselves, such as special forces unit "Diepr", founded and financed by businessman Kolomoyskyi for the purpose of killing civilians”. Kolomoyskyi and his associates are also accused of the kidnapping and detention of several journalists of Russian media, at least 1470 people, including 208 minors, have so far been recorded as victims of war crimes, coordinated by Avakov and Kolomoyskyi. More than 1000 people who lived in Ukraine and now have resorted to a number of Russian provinces seeking protection have filed applications to the International Criminal Court and the European Court of Human Rights. Russians investigators have 2400 witness statements and numerous material evidence for the crimes of the accused, but above all seem to have the encouragement of the Russian leadership to clarify the matter and the result to its logical end, which can only be the exemplary punishment of the most arrogant leaders of the Ukrainian civil war.

Kolomoyskyi was the first, who had declared to the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine that the war against the “separatists” of the East, against the Russian-speaking population of the country, should be entrusted to mercenary armies and is funding some of them, which at least in the beginning moved with armored vehicles of the bank “PrivatBank”. The alleged commander of the district of Dnepropetrovsk even yesterday said that he won’t obey the ceasefire ordered by the new president of the country Poroshenko and that combatant bodies under his command will continue to “fight terrorists” and help for the “final annihilation” of the Ukrainian army.