Peaceful holidays in Greece!

Peaceful holidays in Greece!

The fun for the visitors is often synonymous with some Greek islands!

But there are those travelers who have had enough from the noisy islands, late nights and drinking until they drop, so they search for something more relaxed, to help them before a difficult winter! And we have such places! Yes, the Greek islands aren’t only about Greek lovers and nightlife. Each one of them hides many secrets, tranquil bays, secluded caves and peaceful residents, who have maintained their traditions! Today we make a quick tour in these islands!


• For swimming in quiet beaches covered with emerald green waters
• For a relaxing holiday in one of the smaller islands of the Ionian
• For coastal walks in Kioni, one of the most beautiful traditional villages in the Ionian
• For authentic flavors, traditional products and genuine Greek hospitality


In Cyclades, fermented in the Aegean sun and sea salt, lonely in its simplicity, Anafi remains an island away from the pace of modern development.


Its mainland is among the most sophisticated and well-preserved in Cyclades, so much it seems fake. Tourism was slow to arrive to Folegandros, something that is obvious. You won’t see plastic chairs and neon signs, as all stores are wooden and painted by hand, most of the hotels and bars are in traditional style, nothing spoils the “Cycladic dream”.


Nothing and no one seems to hurry. Life in the port of the east side of Serifos, moves circularly around the small sheltered bay and can easily place a bet and win it for how long you can sit on the beach, under the trees.


The picturesque villages in Alonissos conduct their own charm to the visitor. Traditional architecture “ties” in harmony with the natural environment and with the always smiley and friendly locals.