Varvitsiotis: Further arrests for heroin case

Varvitsiotis: Further arrests for heroin case

Estimate that is expected to identify and others involved in the unprecedented case Greek data import and heroin trafficking in our country expressed Shipping Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis.

However, speaking in Vima FM, made it clear that he can not give more details on the issue, arguing that the secrecy was the biggest "key" to the success of the authorities in case of dislocation.

Specifically, Mr. Varvitsiotis said the owner, who is involved in the case was one of the barons of heroin, but it is estimated that there are some other "home and abroad" who have not been arrested yet. According to the Minister of Marine, authorities have not progressed to the arrest of the other parties, or why not even "tie" the case against them, either because they have not been identified yet.

"We have touched one of the biggest heroin circuits across the continent," said Mr. Varvitsiotis and hailed the professionalism of the staff of the Coast Guard who have completed their business "without firing a bullet."