Mass hunger strike in Greek prisons

Mass hunger strike in Greek prisons

Mass Hunger Strike in all Greek prisons started and is expected to climax in the following days.

Since 18th of June prisoners refused to receive communal meals complaining for the Bill of Ministry of Justice, which concerns prisons of high security.

According to an agreement between prisoners and authorities, the food prepared in Korydallos prison and not consumed by prisoners is transferred to communal services for unemployed and socially weak people in Athens Metropolis and in municipalities of Korydallos, Nikaia, e.t.c.

«Starting from 18th of June detained in all prisons abstain from communal meals as a protest against the fascist bill on Type C prisons and for the defense of the right to receive exit permissions and probation. However, minister and government are still indifferent. They did not reply to our fair rights and they want, provocatively, to vote for the bill during summer in order to prevent peoples' reactions. We put our bodies and soul as a protection against this bill that convicts us in full life detention, without rights and hope. This is only thing we have left.
Since Monday, 23rd of June, we start a mass hunger strike in all prisons. We fight for our rights and we fight for remaining human beings and not human shadows, locked and forgotten in despair", claims part of the announcement signed by Prison's Fight Committee, published in, created by prisoners themselves.