The dreamy sunset of Santorini!

The dreamy sunset of Santorini!

"Emerged" after the eruption, it gave millions of tourists large and small erotic moments, stole everyone's heart with the most beautiful sunset in the world, the island of Santorini requires the visitor to fall in love, to admire and to return quickly to its romantic alleys!

The ultimate destination for all couples in love!
Once the ship enters the harbor of Santorini, a refreshing wind blows erasing all notions that plague your mind, welcoming you to the ultimate island of love!


And if none of this touches you, Santorini will show you its secret weapon! It will take your hand and lead you to Oia, moments before the sun sets, where it will let you admire the endless horizon unfolding before you with a fiery crimson sun "sinking" somewhere deep in the Aegean! The Aegean loses its blue colors and acquires a red tint, like a volcanic eruption that created it! A ritual that hasn't been experienced before, the sunset will be forever tied to the island...

Whitewashed majestic states built on the brink, quaint villages, cobbled streets and impressive churches bathed in light, scenes from movies. Couples in love flock each year to the volcanic island looking to enjoy hugging in a balcony of the famous Caldera.

What happens in Santorini when the sun goes down?
Dozens of people sitting on roofs and terraces admire one of the rarest sights on earth, full of awe for the majesty they face. All are eagerly waiting to watch the sunset, climbing even in the most unlikely of places to have the best view and to burst into applause as the sun is lost! Of course, they all return the next afternoon!


In the top 10 for the best summer sunsets in the world
The magazine National Geographic released the list of the most beautiful summer sunsets in the world. Of course, the sunset in Oia couldn't be missing from the list and. Although we were surprised by the position the Greek sunset occupied (6th), the magazine chose to put the photo of the dreamy sunset in central position of the article!

A short tour in the villages
The island's capital is Fira, built in Caldera, 260 meters above sea level, with wonderful views of the blue waters of the Aegean Sea and the island of Nea Kameni, seem to be a breath from heaven. Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia spread along the enchanting Caldera visitors, each with its own special way.

Editing and Photographs by Constantinos Skordoulis