GENOP's Labour Union launches a 48-hour strike over 'small PPC'

GENOP's Labour Union launches a 48-hour strike over 'small PPC'

Labour union of GENOP federation for personnel of the Public Power Corporation (PPC) announced on Wednesday the beginning of 48-hour strike after the submission of draft bill on 'small PPC' toCommittee of Production and Trade.

A draft bill on the privatization of the "small PPC" (Public Power Corporation) has been submitted to Parliament, according to a unanimous decision taken by the union's board.

The bill is expected to be lodged to the Committee of Production and Trade of the Parliament, next Wednesday.

In GENOP's announcement, the demand for a referendum on the proposed privatization was reiterated, claiming that "the government does not have the moral and democratic legality to privatize the PPC group", and that the draft bill should be withdrawn.

The federation also called for the President of the Republic's intervention, for the enterprise's management in order to protect the group's interests and for the government to unveil the country's energy planning.