Small PPC: The governmental troupe in a new show

Small PPC: The governmental troupe in a new show

The "rebels", the "courtiers" and the sellout of the productive capacity of PPC

The Greek people watch the same theatrical play for five years now, and the script is failed.

The government troupe, after the huge success with the adoption of memorandum and the medium term, after the alleged "disagreements" on the toolbar of the OECD and the medium-term plans, after the show in which they played defenders of the farmers on the bill for milk, has return with a new show, for supposedly rescuing the small PPC.

Next Thursday comes for processing, in the Standing Committee on Production and Trade of the Parliament, the draft law of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change "Create New vertically integrated Electricity Company," commonly known as a bill for the "small PPC".

This bill is a prerequisite for the dose of 2 billion Euro, with the prime minister to ask government members to support another memorandum demand in order "not to drive the country on adventures" ... As, if now we are in peace and we afraid of adventures!

A few days now, the "wandering troupe" of the bipartisan government started the performances.

The script is known ... Supposedly the bill for the "small PPC" has caused a lot of opposition ... Deliberate leaks refer to angry MPs - the famous "rebels" - , warning that they will not vote in favor of the bill. The same MPs go to TV channels, saying tenaciously and warning that "even if you expel me from the party, I am not voting in favor of the bill."

The potential rebels have already shared the roles, who until the passage of the bill would give their fight in every way ... With promises to voters, threats to the government and other known PR tricks.

Then, the famous associates of Prime Minister will take action. They talk to the rebels who now say that they ... "would think about it". Follows, the warning that they will be expelled from the party and the rebels go to the House and vote in favor of the bill, as like nothing have happened...

All these might seem a bit excessive, but just remember what they have done in similar cases in the past, most recently with the milk. Weeks before they were shouting that they will not vote and finally said ... "YES TO EVERYTHING ..."

In the critical time, the "roosters" transformed into "chicken" and return to the coop ... for fear of losing their seat.

The show ends with a standing applause in the Parliament.

Another spoof will end successfully. 30% of the productive capacity of PPC will granted to large business groups and the protagonists will congratulate each other for their great performance.

Do not worry though; the governmental troupe will continue the performances. Follows the sale of water companies. Do not miss it...!