OSYPA announced 48-hour strike

OSYPA announced 48-hour strike

The Federation of Hellenic Civil Aviation Employees' Unions (OSYPA) announced a 48-hour strike next Monday and Tuesday.

Strike will probably cause delays or cancellation of flights. The Union accuses all the previous and the present Greek government of disrespect towards the rights of employees in all aviation sectors and airports and warn that it could possibly lead to their collapse.

OSYPA stated that the Civil Aviation Service needs direct funds to maintain and upgrade airport facilities, that have been neglected due to lack of money.

According to the announcement, during the 48-hour strike OSYPA will serve only for the following flights:
- Civil and military airplanes that fly over and cross Athens-Macedonia Flight Information Regions (FIR)
- Hospital flights
- Flights were Prime Ministers/ Heads of State are boarded
- Emergency case flights