Greek front-pages today, July 10

Greek front-pages today, July 10

Front-page main titles and news report for Thursday, 10th of July.

"Agreement on businesses' debts"
"Government is planning a "package" of adjustments of all businesses' debts to banks, Public Fiscal Office, pension funds as well as suppliers, on conditions and voluntarily, far from courts and procedures of bankruptcies"

Eleftheros Typos
" Bazaar with Troika on "haircut" in 6 temporary taxes"
"As Minister of Finance, G. Chardouvelis, stressed yesterday during his speech at Economist's conference in Athens, government aims at putting an end to emergency fiscal measures that were taken during last four years as well as at proceeding to the restoration of injustices and to the reduction of the burdens that lie on consistent taxpayers".

"13 red lines from Troika"
"Despite government's assurances that fiscal planning relaxation is close, Troika returns in a wild mood, setting on the table Memorandum backlogs"

I Avgi
"Parliament Plenums for referendum now"
"Parties of opposition and independent MPs blocked bill on "small PPC", right after it was voted by special composition of governmental majority, with 151 votes that were collected after multiple MPs' replacements"

I efimerida ton Syntakton
"Dangerous game with the institutions"
"Government was ready to play dangerous games even with President of Democracy, while opposition parties submitted demands for referendum"

I Kathimerini
"Looking for solution on "red" loans"
""Red" loans management as well as bank funding for healthy businesses, which shall stimulate fiscal activity, were the objective of the meeting held yesterday by president Antonis Samaras, where participated chiefs of Piraeus Bank, Alpha Bank, National Bank as well as Eurobank".

Ta Nea
"Four key-points to reduce taxes"
"What does Chardouvelis's plan predict: Connection between cash machines and Public Fiscal Office. Electronic property roll. Input-output system. Electronic confirmation of personal information"