Miracle girl survives FOUR liver transplants

Miracle girl survives FOUR liver transplants

Habiba Bibi suffered a setback when her first new organ began to fail 12 months after surgery.

She then had another three transplants in just 13 days before receiving a liver her body would not reject.

Mum Farzana Younas, 37, and 41-year-old teacher dad Amjib Mahmood were told their daughter had just three days to live at one point during the medical emergency.

Habiba was diagnosed with the liver disease biliary atresia as a tot and had her first operation in 2011.

But a year later they were told the organ needed replacing after Habiba suffered stomach pains.

Within days a match was found and the schoolgirl went under the knife. But it was soon clear this liver was not working either.

Two more transplants and it was fourth time lucky for Habiba.

The battling schoolgirl could not talk after her last operation and it was two weeks later before she spoke to her parents again.

The plucky girl is now back at school after her trauma and back to her high-spirited self.