Greek front-pages today, July 14

Greek front-pages today, July 14

Front-page main titles and news report for Monday, 14th of July.

"The agreement on redundancies in public sector"
"The agreement between government and Troika provisions for the realization of redundancies plan which concerns 6.500 employees in public sectors in 2014, while there are no such provisions for 2015. Since 2013 8.500 employees left their positions".

Eleftheros Typos
"Full pension at 55 in Social Security Organization IKA"
"Conditions for retirement in IKA, where 1.5 million of employees are insured, imply chances for full pension at 55, concerning mothers, at 58 with less than 10.500 days of insurance and at 60 for women with 4.500 insurance "stamps""

"Forests: a gift to interests"
"Fast-track procedures for removing or recalling reforestation within three months, after proposal made by forest authorities and decision by general secretary of Decentralized Administration, complex touristic facilities, major infrastructure projects as well as number of investment activities and holdings in the forests are provisioned in final bill on forests"

I Efimerida ton Syntakton
"Nightmare projections for loans and funds"
"The cost for resolving the "Gordian Knot" regarding non-performing loans to businesses and households, which reached 77billions, creates vertigo".

Ta Nea
"Early pensions will suffer the consequences"
"Government will examine cuts in early retirements of insured. The centre of the attention is people who have not acquired right to retirement Non-performing loans to businesses and households"