Crete: Shocking details about the death of the British tourist

Crete: Shocking details about the death of the British tourist

The 73 year old British tourist was recognized from his denture, after disappearing from 19th of July in Crete, as only his bones were left on his corpse.

Fatigue, heat, sunstroke and possibly some medical problems caused the death of Arthur Jones, according to data showed with the forensic examination completed by Stamatis Belivanis. The body of a British was transferred today to his hometown, Denby Wales, where it will arrive at his final resting place.

Based on the forensic investigation the following conclusions were made:

• Only the bones remained on his corpse.

• A crime was excluded, because there was no trace of a firearm, knife or strangulation.

• Also ruled out was an accident, as the unlucky Arthur Jones was found under a tree, with glasses on his head and his things positioned next to him. The above data suggests that pathological causes were the causes of death.

• Identification was done on the dentition, but also from an old scar on the abdomen, as he had done hernia surgery. Since this surgery, the sutures remained and an additional plastic part was placed from surgeons during surgery.

• Next to the skeleton, his cell phone, his wallet and his room key were found.

As pointed out by experts, such hikes can be fatal for any man, let alone a 73 year old, due to heat and intense sunshine, among others.