Farmers will be compensated, Gov't spokeswoman says

Farmers will be compensated, Gov't spokeswoman says

Farmers affected by the Russian embargo will be compensated either by the government or the EU, government spokeswoman Sofia Voultepsi on Monday told Mega TV. She made clear, however, the country would not change its alliances.

"Farmers are absolutely right. They have a production, originally destined for Russia, which remains unsold and for which they have not been paid for. For this reason, the state from the very beginning said they will be compensated no matter what happens; with EU money, with national money, because those people are right," Voultepsi said.

Meanwhile, exporters from the northern Greek regions of Imathia, Pella, Kozani and Florina on Monday afternoon hold a meeting to coordinate their actions and demands. Their conclusions and decisions will be submitted to Rural Development Minister Giorgos Karasmanis during a meeting that is expected to take place on Tuesday.

Source: ANA-MPA