Amphipolis: Found staircase leading to basement?

Amphipolis: Found staircase leading to basement?

The anguish about Amphipolis and the findings in funerary monument is rising, after the information of local media that was detected a staircase which leads to a basement, something that reinforces the theories of the existence of a new chamber.

In the official statements, which will take place tomorrow, Wednesday (12/11/2014), will clarify whether there is an underground staircase into the third chamber, which would mean that the third chamber is not the burial chamber.

According to the information of local media, the existence of the stairs, the simple coating of the third chamber with the whitewashed limestone and thrifty decor in the marble walls of the third chamber, confirm the assessment that this is not the burial chamber, but an intermediate space and the funerary monument continues downward by changing level.

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