Voultepsi on SYRIZA's announcement

Voultepsi on SYRIZA's announcement

Government spokeswoman Sofia Voultepsi on Friday said that an announcement issued by main opposition Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) for the November 17 Polytechnic Uprising anniversary is "an insult to the parliamentary system" and she called on anyone who continues to have doubts concerning the views of SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras on democracy, to read it.

"They poison the country's political scene by equating oppression with the observance of laws passed in parliament," she said.

Voultepsi accused SYRIZA of falsifying the message of the struggle against the junta, in which all Greeks participated united regardless of their political beliefs.
The government spokeswoman said that democracy is deep-rooted in Greece, is not affected by temporary financial difficulties and is the property of all Greek men and women.

"Those who question it scorn the democratic beliefs of all Greek people," she said.

A SYRIZA announcement on the anniversary of the Polytechnic Uprising called on the people to take their lives in their own hands, get rid of the memorandum government and fight for a government that will serve society and its needs.

SYRIZA accused the government of engaging in an all-out attack on the rights of the majority, saying that democracy is shrinking, while authoritarianism and oppression are part of the people's daily lives. It also underlined that "the only way out for the workers and the young people is the organised and collective action, the confrontation and the collective resistance to the policy of destitution".

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