Tsipras: Greece is on the threshold of a political change

Tsipras: Greece is on the threshold of a political change

The impending SYRIZA government in Greece will work as an incentive for the overall, political reorientation of the social democratic and progressive forces in the European South, main opposition SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras said on Sunday 16/11 speaking at a Transform Europe conference on the "neoliberal agenda and European social democracy" in Florence, Italy.

Tsipras said that the reversal of the neoliberal hegemony in Europe can start from the periphery of Europe.

As for Greece, Tsipras noted that it is already on the threshold of a historic political change and soon SYRIZA will be called on to assume the governance of the country. In this context, he added, the party seeks the cooperation of governments, but also of the political and social forces, starting from the European South. Such a cooperation will build the positive momentum which will be developed with the victory of SYRIZA, he underlined.

Regarding the crisis of social democracy, Tsipras said that the current crisis of social democracy is identical to the European crisis, adding that the European social democracy should change in order to continue to exist. Otherwise, it will turn into a small, supplementary force of the neoliberal right wing, "just as it is happening in Greece with PASOK," he said.

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