From the Polytechnic… to the Memorandum

From the Polytechnic… to the Memorandum

41 years have passed and much has changed ... Greece climbed and descended several times the path of progress after seven years in "plaster cast".


The message of the Polytechnic uprising remains tragically topical, for different reasons, in the year 2014.

The generation of the Polytechnic and the student's resistance movement might not had "send away" Junta in one night, but prevented the "Americanization of the dictatorship", since the political model which was decided by foreign powers for our country, did not differ much from what was applied for example in Chile.
Certainly, in the years that followed, the message of Polytechnic has frayed and, to a point, "was used" for policies and practices that had nothing to do with the slogans of that era.

The consumer's frenzy that dominated in Greek society and the peculiar populism which was developed in the 80s and continued later, completely eroded a large part of the population, which led to conditions of fictitious prosperity.

The political system as a whole served these policies with the blessings of the "Eurocrats" and leaders of the Eurozone; as a result 41 years later, the "bubble" of fictitious prosperity to pop in the hands of the today's young generation.

41 years later, nothing seems to have change. The requests for Social Justice, Independence, Equality, and Social Liberation are still vivid.

The deterioration of life quality, the removal of Constitutional freedoms and the violation of human dignity are creating social tension.
The 'directors' of Brussels promote a new type of governance and the European project, as was imagined by the "romantics" of previous decades, have now become a peculiar «Pax Germanica».

This is nothing less than the complete German domination on systems and correlations, which are imposed in state economies and regulate people's lives.
Does anyone doubt that we are living under an absolute authoritarian government, which imposes memoranda and austerity?

Does anyone doubt that the memorandum choices of the last governments, which were made under the guidance of lenders, tore the social fabric and destroyed the cohesion of the Greek society?

The Constitution became scrap of paper in order to achieve surpluses, the labor relations and rights trampled in the name of supposedly competitiveness, the country was led to orderly bankruptcy with a fraudulent way, in order the foreign funds which did not enter in the PSI to get back their money in full, millions of Greeks living below the limits of absolute poverty because political leaders consider that first have to be paid interest and then to ensure salaries and pensions.
The only difference perhaps to November 1973 is that the tanks are not in the streets of Athens and fortunately there is no EAT-ESA in Boumpoulinas Street.
Unfortunately or fortunately, history has proven that the situation do not change with "YES". The people and the course of history are moving forward with the "NO". With submissive attitudes and servility, people do not move on and no situation has ever rebutted.

And of course it is not possible to sacrifice human souls for the sake of financial stability. Politicians of the country must understand that beyond wishful thinking on the anniversary of the Polytechnic, the country needs leaders who are able to "cut" the shackles that burden the people.

The story of the rebellion of 1973 shows that half-hearted solutions do not exist and have no hope of implementation. The Gordian knot cannot be solved, must be cut ... And as wrote the British-American writer, Thomas Paine, (1737-1809): "lead, follow, or get out of the way".

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