Adonis takes the role of "kamikaze"

Adonis takes the role of "kamikaze"

"We go to sudden elections with an artificial crisis."

The rumor is circulated widely for many, many months to Maximou. Today, Tuesday, 18/11/2014 was revealed by Adonis Georgiadis in his public attitude against PASOK.

The parliamentary spokesman claimed in his TV statements, that PASOK has delayed some things that had be done and added that "if they do not want to do it, they must tell us to go to the polls."

It is more than likely that Adonis would not ever say anything if he had not first get the "green" light from Samaras. Besides, from the first moment that Samaras has included him in ND Mr. Georgiadis had the role of "kamikaze".

Recall only for the record, that Mr. Georgiadis had the same role during his tenure in LAOS where he was "executing" - politically and in television - anyone who was an obstacle to the plans of the then leader George Karatzaferis.

He was the man for specific missions and this is why was placed by Samaras in the Ministry of Health; in order to dissolve the National Health System, according to the orders of Troika!

Now that the government and Samaras are in a difficult place ... Mr. Georgiadis takes once again the role of "stuntman". Tucked in front to create an artificial crisis and pave the way, in order Samaras to claim that there is a problem of understanding with PASOK.

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