Applications for inclusion in debt settlement plan jumped

Applications for inclusion in debt settlement plan jumped

The number of people submitting applications to be included in the new debt settlement plan and repay their debts towards the State in 100 installments has spiked in the last few days, the Labour ministry said on Tuesday (18/11)

On November 10, insurance funds received 58 applications, on the 13th they registered 891, and on November 18, 1053 . Within a week, insurance funds received 4,067,631.23 euros, with the bulk of this amount (2,028,681.99 euros) being collected on Nov. 18. In total, insurance funds have received 4,979 new applications within a week, which corresponds to 132,176,563.89 euros.

Labour Minister Yiannis Vroutsis said the debt-settlement plan is proving "successful", adding that he believes more people will be included in the coming days. "It is the last window of opportunity for those who really want to become responsible and conscientious with their insurance obligations."

Greece's biggest social security fund, IKA, issued 2,885 applications for inclusion in the plan which correspond to a total debt of 108,067,814.68 euros; the insurance fund for the self-employed, OAEE, collected 1,688 applications for debts of 20,706,335.08 euros and the farmers’ insurance fund, OGA, received 406 applications corresponding to 3.402.414,13 euros, the ministry said.