Venizelos to Samaras: Restrain Adonis

Venizelos to Samaras: Restrain Adonis

The atmosphere was not idyllic, yesterday (18/11/2014). in the meeting of Ant. Samaras with V. Venizelos.

Because, although they agreed to the limits of the concessions that will make, against the claims of the Troika (essentially will make concessions, but they will just try to peddle them as ... success!), the political climate, forces them, particularly the vice, to proceed to a communication management, in order to salvage what they can.

Besides, the support provided to the G. Hardouvelis ( in the contrast with the previous days), shows that they will go to retreats, that's for sure.

The quarrel between the governmental partners began in the morning, after the attack of Adonis to PASOK and the acute responses received from members of PASOK.

In Trikoupi realized that in front of the possibility of early elections, ND will attempt to achieve maximum clustering to reduce the size of electoral defeat.

This in fact works against PASOK, since both parties are substantially "fishing" in the same election tank.

So the issue of intervention of Adonis, was raised in the meeting of Samaras and Venizelos.

According to reliable information of, the leader of PASOK requested in intensity from the prime minister "to restrain Adonis" and more generally to stop the attacks of the executives of ND.

Otherwise, he threatened by intergovernmental civil, not excluding even more radical moves.

Essentially, he even hinted, departure from the government!

At the same information, the Prime Minister tried to reassure Vice and assured him that he would ask intergovernmental "truce."

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