The life and wealth of Yiannis Andrianos

The life and wealth of Yiannis Andrianos

Yiannis Andrianos, who for many years was a "top" figure of New Republic ... with excellent connections within and outside Maximou during the Governments of Karamanlis and of Antonis Samaras, is distinguished for some "rare" qualities.

These qualities cause the public query, since his life and state give rise to comments about the need of thorough investigation on how has obtain a huge property.

A simple search on the internet, brings to light dozens of publications with highly revealing content. The only skill that seems that has Mr. Andrianos, according to the publications, is the ability in negotiating the acquisition of land and property in very low prices. In such an extent, indeed, that the "Ethnos" newspaper, described him, in September 2010, as the "big-landowner of Epidaurus" ...

At that time, according to the report of the "Ethnos", the image that he had built for the eyes of his countrymen (and voters), was destroyed. He wanted to be presented as a politician who came from a very poor family and he was complaining (according to the article) for his financial difficulties.

The publication of his "Occupying", which revealed that he has 58 properties and about half a million Euros in bank accounts, made his compatriots to wonder about the financial status of the former minister of sports. It is more than evident that someone is not easy to buy a real estate of 166.000 sq.m, of land, from one day to another. Of these, he reportedly inherited 53.400 sq. m., 37.500 sq. m. belong to his wife and he has bought the rest 75.300 sq. m.

In another article, the newspaper "Ethnos" presented some cases of land markets at extremely favorable prices.

"For the investments in land and property, Mr. Andrianos used income from previous years, and in many cases he resorted to borrowing. However, the villagers are impressed by his ability to buy good parts of land at favorable prices.

This is the case of the purchase of a property in Epidaurus in 2002, by his villager, a retired officer of the Navy John B. A 330 sq. m. farm in the location "Brinia", was sold to Mr. Adrianos against 2.856 euro , which was characterized as a "symbolic" price, by the experts of the real estate in the area, since he paid less than one euro per meter! ".

These were published in the "Ethnos" in October 2011, adding that many professionals in Real Estate would envy the "talent" of Giannis Andrianos.

The way that a "poor farmer boy"from Argolis (according to his statements to his villagers), managed to acquire such property, when joined the political life of Greece, is the subject of the new big investigation of