Mutual respect and trust between Greece and Turkey

Mutual respect and trust between Greece and Turkey

The need for the creation of relations of mutual respect and trust between Greece and Turkey underlined Prime Minister Antonis Samaras after the conclusion of the Greek-Turkish High-Level Cooperation Council that was held in Athens.

In his statement Samaras said that "we made a broad review of the work that has been done in the last four years. We have signed 47 cooperation agreements and we have agreed to work towards the implementation of those agreements. Our aim is the promotion of the cooperation in sectors of low politics that however, touch the citizens' every day life. In our bilateral relations are issues on which we disagree. We recognise it and we are creating relations of mutual respect with full respect to the international law and to the safeguarding of the national sovereignty.

Regarding the Cyprus issue, Greece continues to support UN's efforts for a just and viable solution through negotiations between the two communities. We understand Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades' decision to interrupt the negotiations until the problem that has occurred is solved. I believe that the problem will be solved soon and the discussions will restart. Greece will continue to support Turkey's European accession course. It is useful our neighbour to be member of the European family after fulfilling of course, the conditions. Turkey must be certain that it will have huge benefits from its accession in EU".

Samaras also referred to the Greek-Turkish business forum saying that very important entrepreneurs had the opportunity to promote their bilateral cooperation by contributing in the binding of the two countries relations that will benefit the economy "Stability, trust and security boost the growth and both countries' prosperity. Those things we promote, safeguard and work for" concluded Samaras.

On his part, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu stated "Our first meeting (of the High-Level Cooperation Council) in Athens created surprise impressions. However, the aftermath of those joint ministerial meetings is exceptional and we will continue them. A climate of mutual understanding has been established that allow us to cooperate. We will continue the cooperation efforts. We discussed transport issues and saw that we complement each other. We are the gate to Asia and Greece the gate to Europe. We hope the Cyprus issue to be solved in order our cooperation in the energy sector to increase".

Davutoglu also referred to the Parthenon Marbles noting "We support Greece on its effort the sculpture of God Ilissos to return to the Acropolis Museum".
He wished to Cyprus President Anastasiades rapid recovery in order the negotiations between the two communities to continue adding that "An approach between the two sides will contribute the development in whole the Eastern Mediterranean".

He thanked the Greek government for the support it offers to Turkey's European accession course and referred to the minorities saying that minority citizens are bridges that link the two countries.