Kotzias proposes tools to deal with increased migrant flows

Kotzias proposes tools to deal with increased migrant flows

Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said on Tuesday there’s an imperative need to address health concerns and care of migrants arriving in Greece, during a meeting of the EU General Affairs Council in Luxembourg, which discussed migration, which will be the main subject of the upcoming European Council.

In his remarks, Kotzias described the difficulties Greece is facing due to the unprecedented flow of refugees and migrants, at a time of deep economic crisis and identified three key points that need to be taken into consideration in the recommendations from the Commission and the Council for dealing with the problem.

First, that all the tools at the European Union’s disposal be used, and mainly the readmission processes and agreements with the countries to the southeast of Greece, from Turkey to Pakistan.

Second, that there be express reference to the obligatory nature of internal relocation and resettlement, to avoid lack of clarity.
Finally, that there needs to be a reference to reception facilities and first reception facilities that will operate in accordance with the planning, needs and particularities of the state hosting these refugees, and not on the model of structured border zones.