Snowfall and huge temperature drop across the country

Snowfall and huge temperature drop across the country

Snow has started to fall in most parts of Greece from early Monday causing a series of problems mostly to traffic.

In the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki, snow has fallen in the surrounding mountainous and semi-mountainous areas with the temperatures ranging between 0C-04C.

The snowfall is intense in central Greece without problems in the traffic in the cities of Larissa, Lamia and Volos. However, snow chains are necessary for vehicles moving on the regional and mountainous roads across the country.

Drivers will face a difficult situation on Athens-Thessaloniki motorway from Aghii Theodori to Larissa.

Graders are trying to keep the road network on Mt.Pelion open in order to facilitate the local residents and the skiers to have access to the villages and the ski resort at Hania.

Snow is falling an on the island of Lesvos, even in the island's capital Mytilene where a large number of refugees arrive every day. According to information, snow has also started falling on the northeastern Aegean island of Chios.

According to latest reports, cars moving on the mountainous areas of Peloponnese must use snow chains including the road leading to Kalavryta ski resort.

Ship service is carried out smoothly in all ports of the country; however, the route that links Kyllini with the island of Cephalonia has been suspended due to gusty winds blowing in the area.