Two ferry companies in Zakynthos break Greek seamens' rolling strikes

Two ferry companies in Zakynthos break Greek seamens' rolling strikes

In a surprise move on Friday morning, two ferry companies covering regional routes in Zakynthos broke the new 48-hour strike announced by the Greek seamen’s federation and resumed regular services between the island and Kyllini.According to the two companies, “Ionian Group” and “Kefalonian Lines” the decision was taken on Thursday night as the needs of the island for food, medical supplies and fuel was reaching critical levels.

The Athens-Macedonian News Agency had been informed the past few days about some patients who were waiting to be transferred to Patras for an operation and were forced to wait at the island’s general hospital for the strike to end.

“Ionian Group and its Zakynthian seamen understand the emergency situation of our beloved island created by the serious problems that have accumulated. Floods, garbage, the lack of essential goods as well as the hospital needs which recently culminated, have had heavy and painful results on the daily lives of our compatriots. The entire team of Ionian Group, considering solely ways to help, as it has done in the past, took the initiative to break the multi-day blockade of our island,” the company said in a press release.

“We respect the seamen’s struggle but the needs of the island demands that we return,” it added, noting that all services are resuming as of this morning.