Vianex took an award in «SALUS INDEX 2014»

The largest Greek pharmaceutical company VIANEX SA was awarded with distinction of Business Excellence at the awards «Salus Index 2014», in an event of the Active Business - Stat Bank, on Thursday, November 13, at the Park Hotel.

VIANEX was among the 23 companies that were honored, as the first Greek pharmaceutical company in turnover, second in sales and fourth in profitability on the overall medicines industry.

The award was received by the Vice President and deputy CEO of VIANEX Mr. Dimitris Giannakopoulos. Mr. Giannakopoulos did not speak only for the rewarding, but he criticized the major problems in the field of medicine and health in general and his speech became a reference point for the other speeches.

The vice president and deputy CEO of VIANEX began his speech by expressing congratulations to the organizers of the event, which "highlights healthy entrepreneurship, that the country needs, especially in the field of medicine, as the Greek companies of that field operate in a particularly difficult environment", as noted and continued:

"I would like to thank you for this award; it is a great honor for VIANEX, which remains faithful to its ideals in its 90-year course. We say 'no' to layoffs and salary reductions, we continue to offer high quality Greek medicines, with new investments, new product design and increase of extroversion.
This distinction comes in a pleasant moment for us, since just yesterday we announced the arrival of the first batch of vancomycin in China, as part of our partnership with ELI-LILLY.

Unfortunately, we do not hear often, good news for Greek medicines and health, since instead of "ally" ... we are faced with a government that is essentially absent from the major problems faced by patients. The hospitals have dramatic shortages in medicines and medical supplies, pharmacists are anxious about the future of the Greek pharmacy and not only that...

This is the state in which the government of Samaras condemned the Greek society, by continuing with the same toughness and loyalty to the requirements of lenders, the work of memorandum governments that have preceded.

With absurd measures, which make sense only if viewed in the light of serving of specific interests, public health is deteriorating daily, turning us back in previous decades. The Greek pharmaceutical industry struggles to stand upright, in a hostile environment, which was "built" in recent years systematically, by people who did everything to destroy it. I speak for Mr. Andreas Loverdos and Mr. Adonis Georgiadis.

We are faced with successive reductions in drug prices to levels that tend not to meet the cost of production, at least in Greece, as the government seems that calculates the prices based on the prices in India or Pakistan.

It is certain that soon, as the pharmaceutical expenditure is "stuck" at 2 billion Euros, we will be faced with the unpleasant situations: a glaring health crisis for patients and "padlocks" in the Greek pharmaceutical industry, if we consider the continuous reductions of the prices and the rebate and the clawback.
I hope that this will not happen, because excuses like "transactions with the state are risky", as said in another case, Mr. Voridis, if today cause bitter smile, then it will cause anger.
The need for change in health policy is more urgent than ever and we hope soon to have elections, in order to change this practice", concluded Mr. Giannakopoulos.
In the event attended representatives of the state, the MP and spokesperson of ND Anna Asimakopoulou, the former Minister of Development and Competitiveness Kostis Hadjidakis, the MP of ND George Vlachos, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health Vasilis Kontozamanis, as well as the Professor of Economic Policy Health and head of the Department of Health in "River", Lycurgus Liaropoulos.

The event was opened by the statements of the host Spiros Ktenas and of the moderators of the debate, journalists, Natasha Spagadorou and Maria Akrivou. Mr. Ktenas launched the new awards of Salus Index and was mentioned on the criteria of the awards, which are the economic performance of drug-health-beauty companies, the social responsibility and human resources, and the investment in innovation, research and development.

The journalist of Onmed.gr, Natasha Spagadorou stressed inter alia that the firms in the medicines sector, are asking from the state the self-evident, ie to be secured against bad surprises, and to get rid of the bureaucracy that hinders their work. In this context, she noted as a positive development the announcement of Health Minister, Makis Voridis, at the press conference of PHARMASERVE LILLY and VIANEX for the arrival of the first batch of vancomycin in China, for the Ministerial Decision on clinical studies and his call to debate on the pricing of medicines.

Mrs. Asimakopoulou stressed that entrepreneurship is "that will lead us into the new Greece, which even in a crisis does great things", referring to the drug industry. The country should leave behind "attitudes and practices that led to this mess", noted and added that the lever to move the country forward is the competitive and extroverted businesses. However, she admitted that as a state "we do not stand to the level of our commitment in order to support entrepreneurship as we should."

In the same attitude Mr. Vlachos said, addressing the representatives of the companies, that "we may have confuse you" with various "barriers and inconsistencies", but the support of entrepreneurship is our "ideology" rather than opportunistic election promise, he said.

The president of the Association of Pharmaceutical Companies, Mr. Konstantinos Frouzis stressed inter alia the need of introducing innovation in the production, referring to the Innovation Project which is supported by SFEE for a second year. He also urged the government, since now they prepare the budget of 2015, to take decisions, away from the limits that puts the troika, for the future of health and entrepreneurship in Greece.

The president of the Federation of Pharmacists Cooperatives of Greece, Mr. Stavros Belonis, in his address noted that the measures taken in recent years for the medicines and specifically for the pharmacies are in the opposite direction of what the rulers preach. He stressed the need for dialogue between the government and the whole chain of medicines, to provide essential support and to remove the barriers. He also said that the pharmacies have a role in Primary Health Care as a novelty item of the industry.

The President of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Industry, Mr. Theodore Trifon said in his speech that now the business world must require the development of a stable beam with common goals and solutions between the state and the business community for the future. The Greek pharmaceutical industry, he said, suffered violent and horizontal adjustment with unjust measures and side effects, which are not calculated by the rulers when they estimate "what was saved, what was lost" for public funds, referring in taxes and employer contributions. Finally, he stressed that the Greek pharmaceutical industry can cover over 70% of demand in the Greek pharmaceutical market, offering quality drugs at low prices and small financial participation from the patient.
The companies awarded are: VIANEX, Pharmathen, Gilead Sciences Hellas, Novartis Hellas, PEIFASYN, Boehringer Ingelheim Hellas, Pfizer Hellas, Jansen Cillag, Vitafarm, APIVITA, DEMO, Unilever Hellas, Power Health, Madochemie Hellas, Sarantis Group, Actelion, Beiersdorf Hellas, SYFANOPE, PROSYFAPE, Genesis Pharma, SANOFI-AVENTIS, MSD, Unipharma.

The event was held under the auspices of SFEE ECEC, EfEX, and SEIB. VIANEX was one of the sponsors and Onmed.gr was one of the communication sponsors.

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