Emergency measures to safeguard jobs are temporary, but essential, Vroutsis tells ANA

Emergency measures to safeguard jobs are temporary, but essential, Vroutsis tells ANA

"We have taken emergency, temporary, but essential measures to safeguard our jobs against the risk of collapse," Labour and Social Affairs Minister Yiannis Vroutsis said in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) released on Thursday.

Asked about the objections to the job rotation measure, the minister noted that the unprecedented paralysis of the economy imposed as a result of the measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus "leaves no room for frivolity and populism: employees and their rights are our main concern, we are not indifferent to the needs of businesses and their struggle for survival. We want them all to be still on their feet on the day after [the crisis]. We prefer work to unemployment. We prefer to have businesses that are alive, especially small and medium-sized ones, on the day after, rather than no businesses at all."

On the issue of addressing the effects of coronavirus, Vroutsis stressed that, from the outset, the prime minister had made healthcare a top priority, so as "to keep society and people on their feet. To save jobs."

Analysing the prospects for the economy and employment in Greece in 2020, Vroutsis pointed out that the G20 states have forecast that all European economies will be in recession in 2020, including Greece. According to the Minister of Labour, an indication of the crisis Greek businesses are facing is that 60,000 companies have applied to the "ERGANI" information system for support measures within one day. "That's why we are doing our best to be ready for the next day and reverse all the negative indicators and restart the economy," he said.

Source: ana-mpa

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