Work stoppages in transportation due to strike on Thursday

Work stoppages in transportation due to strike on Thursday

The Athens metro and tram will operate on Thursday from 09:00 until 16:00 due to strike action.

The work stoppages are being held in support of a 24-hour strike declared by the General Confederation of Employees of Greece (GSEE) on the occasion of the voting of 2018 state budget in parliament.

Hellenic Railways (TrainOSE) will join the 24-hour general strike called by Greece's umbrella unions GSEE and ADEDY.

Trains will not run from midnight on Wednesday to midnight on Thursday. The strike will also affect the Athens-Thessaloniki line trains that leave either city at midnight. In addition, trains no. 600 (departing Athens at 23:55) and 601 (departing Thessaloniki at 23:00) will run after the strike's end.

TrainOSE has already shut down the ticket-issuing system. Passengers who have already bought their tickets from booths are entitled to reimbursement in cash or in travel coupons, while those who bought tickets online for any of the affected runs will be credited through their credit or debit cards.

Olympic Air's flight services will be altered on Thursday due to the four-hour work stoppage called by the telecommunication employees of the Civil Aviation Authority between 08:00-12:00.

Their union is participating in a 24-hour general strike called by umbrella public sector union ADEDY. The labour action will affect the departure times of the following flights:

OA10 ATH-JNX Athens-Naxos 06:50-07:35 instead of 07:05-07:50

OA11 JNX-ATH Naxos-Athens 07:55-08:40 instead of 08:10-08:55

OA2 ATH-AOK Athens-Karpathos 11:05-12:10 instead of 10:30-11:35

OA3 ΑΟΚ-ΑΤΗ Karpathos-Athens 12:35-13:40 instead of 12:00-13:05

OA30 ATH-LRS Athens-Leros 11:05-12:05 instead of 09:25-10:25

OA31 LRS-ATH Leros- Athens 12:25-13:25 instead of 10:45-11:45

OA60 ATH-PAS Athens-Paros 11:25-12:05 instead of 08:20-09:00

OA61 PAS-ATH Paros-Athens 12:30-13:10 instead of 09:25-10:05

Ships throughout Greece will remain docked next Thursday after the Seamens Federation decided to participate in the 24-hour strike.

Their strike will start at 01:00, in the early hours of Thursday morning and continue until midnight.

Source: amna-mpa

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