Mandatory 14-day quarantine for passengers from abroad in effect from Friday noon

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Mandatory 14-day quarantine for passengers from abroad in effect from Friday noon

A mandatory 14-day quarantine for those coming to Greece by plane from abroad will apply from noon on Friday, March 20 for all people that arrive in Greece by air.

The measure was imposed by Deputy Citizen Protection and Crisis Management Minister Nikos Hardalias for the containment of the spread of coronavirus.

Police will check on passengers to ensure they are observing the home quarantine rules, either through on-the-spot inspections or through frequent calls to their land line at home.

These will begin once an Act of Legislative Content outlining the above measures is issued by the citizen protection ministry, while according to sources, those that infringe the measures will face charges, along with a 5,000-euro fine.

According to the Greek police plan for enforcing measures to restrict people's movements, policemen will begin patrols with loudspeakers informing the citizens that gatherings of over 10 people are forbidden.

On Thursday night, a meeting was held at the Athens International Airport, chaired by Hardalias, during which the measures already in effect due to the coronavirus were examined.

Leaflets in four languages (English, French, Greek and German) with instructions and advice from the National Public Health Organisation were distributed at Athens International Airport.

Regarding patrols with loudspeakers in the streets, the police officers will urge those that violate the restrictions to abide by the rules. The message will be in Greek and in English and probably also in Arabic, for the migrants living in Athens.

Violation of the measure banning gatherings of over 10 people carries a 1,000-euro fine for each person.

Source: ana-mpa

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