Kikilias: Insularity is a condition of national survival

Kikilias: Insularity is a condition of national survival

"For us, insularity is a condition of national survival," Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias said on Tuesday speaking to SKAI TV.

"We will support our islands and that is why we have drawn a plan which provides for more doctors and nursing staff on the islands - 700 doctors, nurses and other staff - a strong airlift and sea transport system for patients, multiple tests on islands," he added.

Asked if the national health system can deal with mass incidents of asymptomic coronavirus cases, Kikilias said: "I wish it would not happen but as the prime minister has said it is a system that is being re-evaluated and is dynamic depending on the existing data. This is not the first time for us, I must remind you that in the first round of the coronavirus we tested, examined, restricted and responded in a scientific way and this brought the desired result".

Kikilias also noted that "all the necessary measures have been taken so that tourists can visit the country with safety and those working in the tourism sector can operate on safety conditions.

Finally, the Health Minister said that "it is true that we are preparing the National Health System for a probable second round of the pandemic in autumn. There is also the possibility to have a vaccine or have a medicine that may deal with the severe symptoms of the disease."