This year's Easter was again bloodied by fireworks and firecrackers

This year's Easter was again bloodied by fireworks and firecrackers

Easter was once again colored with blood in many areas of the country...

Three were the most tragic events that occurred. In Rethymno, a young man died in a Cretan feast, while in Santorini one American tourist is struggling to stay alive after injury from firecrackers. And in Agrinio, two brothers, a 25 year old was hurt seriously and a 12 year old suffered lighter trauma.

Crete morns the loss of Giorgos

Shortly after 15:00 relatives, friends and loved ones of the 25 year old Giorgios Giparakis accompanied him to his final residence. It all started when during the celebration, a 40-year old friend of the victim, pulled out the gun and started firing in the air. The gun jammed and in his attempt to repair it, it discharged thereby fatally striking Giparakis. The unfortunate young man died yesterday in the settlement Myriokefala. According to cretalive, bullets struck low, while a 23 year old was injured on her eye and a was admitted in the University Hospital. The 40-year old man who pulled the gun was arrested and is held in custody, while through the investigation it was revealed that he was under the influence of alcohol. In the next days, he's expected to be brought before the public prosecutor.

The battle of the American to stay alive

The American tourist is hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit of Hospital Venizelos, after the trauma of the firecracker explosion that threw her unconscious into the world shortly after the "Christ is risen" in a church in Oia. The woman underwent surgery with doctors believing that her situation is serious because apart from the wounds her abdomen and other parts of her body bear burns. Besides the 51 year old woman, two more Americans tourists were injured, aged 53 and 55 years old, as one Greek male, aged 50, who might lose his eye. Lighter injuries were recorded on an 23 years old and two Cypriots, a man aged 24 and a woman 27 years old.

Two brothers were endangered in Agrinio, fears for a 25 year old

The third incident took place in Angelokastro Aetolia-Acarnania. According to, a 25 year old from Angelokastro was seriously injured in the hand and his 12 year old brother slightly after cracker explosion improvised at the time of the Easter feast in the courtyard of their home. The accident took place at noon Sunday, when the cracker exploded in his hand and seriously injured him. The blast slightly injured his 12 year old brother. The seriously injured was initially taken to the hospital of Agrinio and then to CAT.

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